WILEF Names Scholarship Recipients for Women’s Campaign School at Yale

Jul 13, 2018, By WILEF

This year’s recipients of the WILEF Women’s Campaign School at Yale scholarship have been announced: Alexis Gurganious and Hala Abdallah.

Alexis is a recent Yale University graduate who plans to run for public office. She aspires to make bipartisanship the norm, rather than the exception, and believes in the value of making her country, not her party, the foremost priority.

As a woman who is also African-American, Alexis also hopes to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. Her political experience includes interning for the Hoover Institution in DC and Congresswoman Terri Sewell, working as treasurer for the “Ugonna Eze for New Haven’s Ward 1” campaign, and creating a campaign aimed at increasing voter turnout with Rep. John Lewis.

Alexis Gurganious

As a high school English teacher, Hala is dedicated to education reform. She graduated from the University of California Davis in 2017 and has since been working for Teach For America in Miami, where she will remain for two years as part of the selective program. Hala has managed a winning senate race at her university, interned for the Institute for Local Government in Sacramento, California, and raised almost $2000 to improve her students’ learning. When she becomes a campaign manager, Hala plans to shape and propel Democratic campaigns that push for comprehensive change in education policy.

Hala Abdallah