WILEF Party Attracts Over 70 Women

by | Jul 7, 2022

A WILEF party, hosted by WILEF East Co-Chair Emeritus Phyllis Korff at her Manhattan home on June 29, attracted more than 70 women. 

On a night when the weather could not have been more gorgeous, they enjoyed delicious food and wine on Phyllis’s large terrace. 

But, as Shira Nadich Levin, Deputy Global Chair of WILEF Young Lawyers noted, “the best part of the night was the fantastic group of smart, fun, savvy, and warm women who attended. It was so clear that everyone who came had a blast and made new friends and great connections. No one seemed to want to leave!”

Phyllis G. Korff

In an email after the party, Levin wrote: “We at WILEF look forward to hearing from the many of you who, last night, expressed an interest in getting involved – and in attending the fall event. If you are interested in becoming active, let me or Laura Turano, the chair of the NY Young Lawyers’ Committee of WILEF, know. 

Laura Turano, Chair of WILEF East Young Lawyers Committee, addressing the group.

“I want to again thank Phyllis Korff for being such an incredible host and who (as always) went out of her way. I also want to thank Laura [Turano], for serving as the terrific leader of the New York Young Lawyers Committee. I could see that her warm words affected those of us who were there. Last but most important – as I said last night – we missed our leader, Betiayn Tursi, who founded this incredible organization and who runs it with never-ending devotion and wisdom – and who cares about everyone who is a part of WILEF.”

Enjoying the wine and the views.