WILEF Responds to Reports of Sexual Harassment

Nov 06, 2017, By WILEF

In recent weeks, many brave women have come forward to tell their stories of being subjected to unwanted sexual advances by powerful men. The reports are appalling, but we hope that some good can come out of these tragedies.

We’ve seen positive signs. Many women are now more confident and willing to come forward and share their experiences with harassment.  We also see companies having important conversations about the pernicious effects of harassment and stressing the need for employees to speak up when they see it.

We welcome this dialogue. Since its founding in 2007, WILEF has sought to empower women in law through educational and networking opportunities. That mission also includes speaking out against injustices against women in our industry.

To be plain: Sexual harassment and abuse cannot be tolerated.  It’s tragic that WILEF must address this issue, but we will not be quiet.