All-Female Loeb & Loeb Team Notches Win for Former Pro Wrestler In Defamation Trial

by | Jun 11, 2018

When the former professional wrestler Phillip Jack Brooks, known as CM Punk, was sued for defamation, he needed lawyers who could go to the proverbial mat for him.

Brooks, a former World Wrestling Entertainment champion, turned to an all-female trial team from Loeb & Loeb, led by Laura McNally, Emily Stone, Nina Ruvinsky, and Sarah Kunzendorf.

It was a good move. Earlier this month, a jury in Cook County, Illinois sided with Brooks in a lawsuit brought by WWE ringside doctor Christopher Amann. Amann was seeking nearly $8 million and additional punitive damages. The jury awarded the doctor nothing.

Amman sued Brooks and fellow WWE wrestler Scott Colton, known as “Colt Cabana,” in 2015 claiming that his reputation was damaged when Punk criticized his medical competence while being interviewed on the podcast “The Art of Wrestling,” hosted by Cabana.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, McNally acknowledged to the jury that Brooks’ language may have been imprecise during the podcast, but he did not lie. He was simply relating a broad range of events to a friend, said McNally.

“Storytelling is a basic human thing,” she said.